Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Decorative Window Treatments carries a complete line of Vertical Blinds to match any style of decor or window.  Each blind is custom cut to it’s corresponding window to ensure a perfect fit.  At Decorative Window Treatments we’ve got your windows covered whether you are redecorating a living room, or renovating an office building.  We have proudly served Northeast Pennsylvania for over 30 years.  Take a look at the different styles of vertical blinds we offer and call us today at 570-963-7463 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

Decomatic Track System

The word “DECOMATIC” consists of Decorative and Automatic. As a product, it’s the first vertical blind

Fabric Vertical Blind Collection

Decorative Window Treatment’s selection of quality, 3 1/2-inch fabric blinds features many patterns and colors.

Vert-A-Sheer Collection

Combining beauty and function, patented Vert-a-Sheer® fabric-wrapped vertical blinds may be the perfect choice to add grace and charm to your home.

Vinyl Vertical Blind Collection

Decorative Window Treatments offers an outstanding selection of vinyl (PVC) vertical blinds in a delightful array of patterns and colors.

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